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Car Insurance Card: How to Avoid a Fake

Written by Jay Steele

No wonder that some people fall for an offer to buy for hundreds of dollars, when anyone else asks for thousands for a small sheet of paper (fake car insurance card that gives you permission to drive a car legally. However, only until you get stopped by any cop.

Fake auto insurance cards are even more prevalent nowadays than ever before and it's not much of a surprise, because Internet and Photoshop are really convenient tools that drive this tendency. 
It is difficult to discover an actual statistics, but counterfeited auto insurance agents swindle drivers across the UK, Canada, United States as well as many other countries. They collect premiums for coverage from a fictional company and will pay out not a single claim.  

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How Auto Insurance Card Can Be Faked?

An insurance ID card can be faked electronically or simply on the paper, but authorities are quickly adopting real-time electronic verification systems that able to check for a policy in just some seconds, so it's impossible to outrun the Internet. However, some insurance companies verify by phone, which still is quite an effective method.  
Apparently, the U.S. is not the only country where auto insurance scams happen. In Great Britain, for instance, fake auto insurance agents are called ghost brokers. They operate through websites and take out brief adverts in local newspapers that defraud U.K. drivers by offering low-rate car insurance, as a result, approximately more than 20 thousand drivers in United Kingdom ended up driving around without legal car insurance.


The Alarm Signals of a Possible Fake 

Fake Car Insurance Card

It is naive to assume that an offered insurance for some hundreds of dollars is a legitimate one, when anywhere else the price is of thousands. It would be too good to be true. You should also be on the look-out for misspellings in given by insurance agent papers, of willingness of an agent to backdate the policy, of the demand to pay only by cash or anyone who offers you a car insurance simply by knocking at your door. 

The example of fake auto insurance cards is provided right in this article but there are numerous of examples more out there. So, in case of uncertainty ask a manager for a license number and check it, for example, over the internet – whether it’s real, is a company financially strong or if it exists whatsoever.